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17 February
College: St. Ambrose
Major: Music Education/Composition
Future Outlook: Hopefully teach composition/theory at a college, marry someone and have a family, overall just have a good life.
12-tone system, alto saxophone, american pie, arranging, babbitt, bach, band, bari saxophone, baritone, baritone saxophone, bartok, bass, bass saxophone, bassoon, beethoven, ben folds, ben folds five, berg, bernstein, brahms, britten, c-melody saxophone, c.p.e. bach, cage, carter, cdbna, cello, chasing amy, choir, chopin, chord progressions, clarinet, classical music, cmenc, composition, conducting, contrabass, contrabass saxophone, contrabasson, counterpoint, crumb, davenport, de meij, del borgo, dogma, drums, dvorak, ear training, english horn, euphonium, faure, flute, french horn, gillingham, girls, goonies, harmony, harp, harps lager, haydn, hindemith, instrumentalist, instruments, ives, jack stamp, josie and the pussycats, kevin smith, keyboards, kittie, kodaly, liszt, mahr, mallrats, maria mena, maroon 5, melody, menc, michelle branch, microtonal, midi, modal, modes, mozart, music, music composition, music theory, mussorgsky, oboe, oboe d'amore, orchestration, perfect pitch, piano, piccolo, piccolo trumpet, pocket trumpet, quad-cities, ravel, recapitulation, reich, satie, save ferris, saxophones, scarlatti, schoenberg, schubert, score analysis, score study, scriabin, serial composition, shostakovich, simple plan, singing, ska, sopranino saxophone, soprano saxophone, st. ambrose university, stockhausen, stravinsky, tenor, tenor saxophone, theory, tichelli, trombone, trumpet, v-i, valve trombone, vaughn williams, viola, violin, vivaldi, vocals, wagner, webern, well tempered clavier, woodwinds, wourinen