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[May. 20th, 2005|12:22 am]
it really sucks not having internet access all the time...when you're limited to nights and possibly weekends, it feels horrible...isn't it sad how it's like this in this day and age...anyways

Graduation was ok...it wasn't really long, it was about what i thought it would be (of course this is the 8th ambrose grad i've been to...i should know how they go). The speakers were, how can i say this...interesting. Adriane was a little boring and i thought it was funny afterwards, i was walking behind her and she was talking about how she needs to go get her speech from the podium and she was freaking out before the ceremony on whether or not she should introduce herself...the faculty advisor told her no because her name is in the program, but she was like i could just simply say my name, i'm the senior class president, which i didn't know, so i tapped her on the shoulder and asked you really were the senior class president?? i thought you were just the lucky one to do the speech...she wasn't too pleased...The actual speaker was depressing, very depressing.

The parties afterward were good. I didn't even ask for a party, but my mom decided on it without really telling me she was thinking about it. Well, it turns out that she was just thinking about it and told tom, so he got on the phone to all of his family and told them about it, which forced my mom into actually having a party. I know this didn't make my brother any happier at me...it just gave him another reason to hate me for something i had nothing to do about...mom cried because she is still happy that she never gave me up...found out yet more information about why my dad didn't want me...turns out he had a plan for my mom and brother...he was going to med school in iowa, but my mom got pregnant, which didn't fall into his plan, so he pushed for an abortion...my mom actually made the appointment, but backed out...told him that she wasn't going to give me up and if he didn't like that, he could just leave...so he left...my mom didn't even think he would do that, but he did...it's funny how little i really know about my life...

Beside the negative aspects of the party, the positives were good beer (even if my brother didn't care to much for it, my roommate and i thought it was good, but we are use to drinking hamms, so everything is good in our eyes), i made $175 in money, $25 gift cert to youngtowns, which is a really neat coffee shop, a cd of some jazz, i haven't listened to it yet, but i'm behind it doing a lot of things...i haven't even watched my jazz concert that ellen's sister made for me :( a tape of my senior recital and a gift box of pens and a pencil, which i feel even more professional now with pens...all i need now is an office and a tie tack, then i'll feel like a true professional...i'm weird, i get excited about getting beautiful looking pens...all in all, not too bad of a grad...however, all my happiness had to be squashed by amber...she had to rub in that her parents threw her a party also about my time, so she couldn't stay as long as she hoped, but then it got worse when her parents gave her an ipod for a gift...so now, out of all my close friends (aka emily, mitch, and amber), i'm the only one without an ipod...damn society and your ever influential ways...now i must get one, but once i do, they'll have something else and i'll be out of the loop again...another reason why i want to move away from this...i can't wait to be on my own, even away from my close friends...

...i gave you the address to my journal, so forewarning you...i will talk about you...i will say that if i did move away, you'd be the one that i'd miss the most, over Everybody...heck, right now you still are on my mind...hope things are going your way and you're staying alive...

[User Picture]From: kithgurlie
2005-05-20 02:24 pm (UTC)
Hamm's, eh? I had that once and got very, very sick. You have a much stronger stomach than I.

I had fun at your graduation party... if that means anything.
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From: geeks_boyfriend
2005-05-20 05:58 pm (UTC)
I understand wanting to move away from this town and everyone in it.

I'm not sure if I'm crazy but in my travels it seems that not everyplace is a crappy as Davenport.
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From: damightyzug
2005-05-31 04:04 pm (UTC)
And some places are worse
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From: damightyzug
2005-05-31 04:06 pm (UTC)
Don't worry. I never hated you. And I never knew any thing you just said.
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